Why just framing your picture, mat it too!

When it comes to decorating a photo or an art you created and giving it a final touch, matting plays an important role. A mat is responsible for providing your art color and depth so that the main thing you wanted to portray can be justified. Match and proportion the mat carefully and your framed piece will be ready to steal all the attention it deserves. Our online framing and matting website is the best in market when it comes to serving high quality customized picture framing and matting.

When you talk about giving your art a final touch which makes your art professional too, we completely understand what you want. Our online framing and matting website helps you create custom mats for frames for your art. We provide a wide range of frames and mats which are available in many different sizes and colors.

Mats Not Only Decorate Frames, But They Also Add Color To The Pictures And Life To The Memories


Our online framing and matting website understands that mat being a paper-based material needs great care in handling and usage. The selection of the mat color and size is also something you should be aware of before framing or matting your photo. One thing to keep in mind before matting is that the color of the mat should be lighter than the picture but darker than the wall you will put the picture on.

Size of mats:

We offer a variety of mats to make your picture or art look more intense and praiseworthy. Our single mats are enough to give the product a final touch with their premium quality, white core and a precision which comes after cutting from computerized frame cutters. We have an attractive collection of seven different colored mats. We offer you mat colors like Deep Red, Midnight Blue, Bottle Blue, Antique White, Smooth Black, Smooth White, and White - Black Core. Apart from these, our online framing and matting company also offers double matting which gives your art elegance and a defined professional look. On double mats, we stack one mat on the top of another. We provide mat borders of width between 1” and 3 ½” depending on the size of the artwork.

All these options help you to make the process to create the best custom mat for frames easier. We print on heavy weight photo paper, high resolution printing up to 2880x1440 dpi using pigment-based inks. All these services and quality of our inks certainly give an output that makes you a permanent customer of our online framing and matting company.

With all these single and double matting options available to you on our online framing and matting company, we can surely boast about our services because no other company offers you these many options online.

We have come across people who find it a toiling task to get custom mats for frames ready online because the websites don’t offer them the size of frames according to the size of their picture. At E Picture Framing we got all the sizes covered for you. You can decide your own output size from the a large range of sizes which you get after our website finalizes the sizes that will be best matched for your picture based on its size and quality.

At E Picture Framing you get hundreds of sizes available to you depending on size and quality of pictures both on portrait as well as landscape modes. The largest size artwork we can frame is 32” x 40”. The largest size mat we can cut is 32” x 40” or artwork size of 25” x 33”.

Variety of mats:

Our online framing and matting, besides giving you different sizes and variety of mats, also provides you seven colors to choose from. Black, gold, white, brown, cherry and silver are the colors you can choose from. When we boast about variety, we also offer variety in these six colors. You can choose from unique frames like barrington, bakersfield, baltimore, berkley and billings if you want a black frame.

Mat Gif

Choosing a gold frame will take you to garland, glendale and greensboro to opt from. In brown you have options like raleigh and richmond which will give your frame a unique look. Washington and williamsburg are the white frames that we offer and with silver you get attractive seattle and spokane frames. We also have variety in cherry colored frames - charleston, charlotte and chicago. These wide range of colors have helped us to achieve ranks in top online framing and matting companies.

Our customers have taken home some really attractive custom mats for frames from our website. Visiting our website and discovering all these options will surely leave you awestruck. We consider it an achievement for us when we talk about all the varieties we have to offer. No other online framing and matting company can compete with us when it comes to providing variety in sizes, mats and colors to customers.


You can also select the kind of mounting you want for your frame. Select dry mounting if the picture or art is a low value product. Dry mounting is a process in which heat, pressure and vacuum are applied to an artwork to permanently fix it on a piece of foam board. This mounting is best for low value items and large posters printed on thin papers as dry mounting laminates the art perfectly flat. One thing to remember is that once the picture is dry mounted it cannot be separated again from the frame.

The second option, hinge mounting is suggested the most, for paintings or pictures that have some value attached to it. In hinge mounting the hinges can be removed in the future and be remounted in any form if necessary. Moreover the hinges allow the art to hang freely and prevents any warping situation. While hinge mounting, we make sure that the picture remains intact and so we use acid-free tape to make the hinges. Our online framing and matting company offers a very user-friendly website to design custom mats for frames by selecting from a wide range of sizes, colors and mats.

Prices of frames and mats:

After reading all this it is quite obvious that you are wondering what our prices would be. Well, our online framing and matting services are available to you at the most reasonable and best pricing when you compare with other websites as well as offline framing and matting stores. On our website we offer prices inclusive of everything to make the process simple. We decide prizes based on the size of the output frames that you design using all our custom mats for frames tools. A frame size with average size 5x17 costs you a mere $59 whereas a 9x12 output frame will cost you $79 only. An 18x24 sized frame will cost you around $99 and a big 32x40 sized frame will cost you $139. These prices will certainly leave you overwhelmed.

Besides all these mouth watering prices we have some more surprizes for you. Our online framing and matting company offers free shipping for your artwork to us. Yes, you don’t have to pay anything to ship. We also don’t charge you anything for printing your digital files. We do them for free. The best thing about us is that after after creating your frame using our custom mats for frames you need not pay anything for a single mat. However, in case you opt double matting your art or picture you will have to pay an extra $10.

On our website you also get a frame cost calculator on which you can get preinformed about the approximate price you will have to pay just by entering the dimensions of the frame required. We are proud of the fast processing at our company which is another attribute of our online framing and matting company which distinguishes us from other websites. Our process generally takes 5-7 days for completion of framing job upon receipt of artwork.

Shipping details:

Upon completion of the frame, we have FedEx Ground, one of the most renowned shipping agencies as our partner. We ship fully-framed piece including paper backing. The shipping team at Epictureframing never forgets to ship a hanging hardware along with your package. We ensure that we deliver to you a package that consists of the final product along with the equipment required to hang it on your wall so that you don’t have to waste time on arranging equipment hardware to hang your frame.

After reading all this we are sure that you have thought at least once that what the delivery prices will be. Get ready to be surprised.

Our online framing and matting company delivers your frame at you doorstep absolutely FREE.

Yes, you got us right, you don’t pay any delivery charge. E Picture Framing also provides shipping insurance of $100 per product. If you want us to ship a frame as a gift then all you have to do is check the box and we won’t send the price receipt in the box.

Looking for high quality customized picture framing and matting services online? E Picture Framing is here to frame your memories with our art. We offer online services of customized framing with your chosen size, color and quantity with 100% assured satisfaction in the USA.

So what are you still waiting for? Visit our website and start framing your online custom frames now.