Who wouldn't want a cozy living room to spend time there with their family on the long winter nights? The good news is that making your living room is effortless if you are willing to invest in a few new things like getting a frame from a good framing services store or to add to the décor. This 5-minute read will shower on you some tips on how you can do this so make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Two-Tone Walls
  • If repainting your living room is on your recent to-do list, then you should consider adding some two-tone walls.
  • People who have a huge living room and want to make it appear a little smaller and cozier should do this task on a priority basis.
  • This can be easily achieved by painting one color until you are inches away from the ceiling.
  • Then start with the second color, and the ceiling will start to look lower. The two-tone walls concept is very popular as they are a great way of making your room look cozy.
Add Some Throws
  • To make a living room feel cozy, throws are essential and also suggested by experts.
  • Throws when compared to throw blankets, have a clear upper hand as they are able to add more to the overall aesthetic of your living room.
  • Remember to drape your throws across your sofas in an attractive way once you finish using them as blankets. The room will look cozier.
  • You will also save some money on your heating bills in winter.
  • The softer, the better so choose some great throws to use.
Floor Lamps
  • If you want a cozy living room, then you will have to buy some fantastic floor lamps.
  • If the overhead light is necessary to see in the evenings, then there are chances that your room appears harsh and you may get the opposite effect of what you wanted.
  • Buy floor lamps that reach over the sofa as this will add a new atmosphere to the living room.
  • If space is a problem, then you can go for the smaller floor lamps to put around the coffee table for a similar effect.
Contemporary Rug
  • Rugs are a must for any home and any room. Besides bringing in warmth, color and texture they also bring in the other level of warmth that helps keep a home cozy.
  • Before buying a rug that is right for your living room, think about the entire spare including the size and the type of windows.
  • An enormous room requires a large rug that can anchor the furnishings to the floor.
  • A large rug can also work well in a small room where it will serve as an instant focal point.
Make up Your Windows
  • If you add in a new window dressing, then the whole appeal of your room is changed.
  • Installing roller shutters on your windows will increase the amount of privacy that you experience while enjoying in your living room.
  • You can also go for an aesthetic frame beside the main window from a good framing services company.
  • It will also add a little bit of texture into the room so that you can spice up the number of color elements that can appeal to your senses.
Geometric Lighting
  • A living room is a place that has to remain appropriately lit to make it possible to see and do things.
  • The living room is continuously used during the day as well as the night.
  • So the lighting has to be enough to make reading and admiring a frame possible.
  • The best way to go is a combination of natural light and varied types of lamps are best.
  • Geometric lighting shades possess elegant shapes and angles. They can add a much-needed contrast and tension to the room.
  • You can hang two geometric pendant lamps on the ceiling and give the room a sense of movement and energy.
  • You can also add standing geometric lamps on the floor for additional light at night.
Add in Depth
  • You can add a bit of depth to the living room by hanging some mirrors or some framed paintings on the walls.
  • Another thing that can add depth is selecting accent colors for the walls.
  • You can enhance its appeal by bringing some nature indoors. Bring in some plants and other reminders of nature to help promote its aesthetic appeal.
A Corner Couch
  • A good tip to all those who want to make their living room cozier is to invest in a corner couch.
  • Naked eyes across the world can observe that if you have a few separate couches, then all of your family or guests seem quite far away from each other.
  • A corner couch will allow you to have people sitting closer, and your living room will look a lot cozier.
  • You can also invest in an armchair if you want to avoid everyone sitting on the same couch.
  • Make sure to buy a good quality soft corner couch for the best possible effect.
Modify The Vertical Space In The Room
  • Taking advantage of the vertical space becomes important if the size of your room is small.
  • Rooms with high ceilings can get the most advantage out of this.
  • Using decorative accessories that draw the eye toward the ceiling can create a more open, spacious feeling in the room.
  • You can do this by just using drapes that extend all the way from the floor to the ceiling. You can also go for hanging artwork on your walls.
  • You can fill your gallery walls with art. This will encourage people to look higher up than they usually would, and will create a sense of space in a room that may otherwise feel too small.
Decorate In Neutral Tones
  • You can use a neutral color palette that helps the walls, ceiling, and floor blend into the background.
  • Shades like beige or cream can bring warmth into space and at the same time will also make it feel more substantial.
  • The soft tones also do an excellent job by reflecting any light that enters the space, brightening it up and making it feel bigger.
  • A neutral color scheme can also lend an air of elegance to your space.
Avoid Bulky Furniture Pieces
  • The furniture being used in your living room should feature smooth, lightweight styling.
  • Try to avoid bulky, overstuffed pieces.
  • Instead, opt for pieces that look lighter. If your living room furniture looks too large or heavy, it can easily overwhelm the space.
  • A good choice for small spaces is furniture pieces with legs as they allow you to see the floor underneath them. This creates more open space, psychologically.
  • For smaller spaces, you should avoid choosing dark furniture, and opt for pieces in lighter shades.
  • Glass tables can also be a great choice since they don’t visually block the view.
Art Piece
  • Most interior designers say that a living room should have a soul and this soul needs an art piece.
  • The art piece should resonate with your personality and character.
  • Expensive and high-end pieces are not the end solution.
  • A simple set of painting that harmonizes the accent of your living room can add a significant amount of beauty to your room.
  • For a living room makeover, your goal should be to choose pieces that bring a more open view to the room as possible.
Redo Your Furniture Placement
  • The way you arrange your furniture can change the feeling of your living room.
  • For example, if you make it more centered around conversation and less around the TV you will change how the room is used.
  • If you factor in the amount of furniture that’s in your living room, then you can get a lot of free space in the room.
  • For an open floor plan, you can pair up your furniture and create more open spaces to enhance the size of the room.

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