Many ambitious photographers are now coming out in the open to showcase their work to the community.

They are organizing various photo exhibitions to make a name for themselves, which is what all artists strive. Beyond that, it is an excellent opportunity for them to advertise themselves as a photographer.

If you are a budding photographer and looking to showcase your talent, then here’s a series of foolproof ideas to make your photography exhibition into a smashing hit.

Develop a unique concept for your exhibition

The central idea of organizing a photo exhibition starts with the ambition to show your outstanding photos to a broader audience. But in order to make your photo exhibition successful, you have to take some fundamental decisions.

What are the goals you want to achieve?

  • To be a bigshot artist
  • To earn money with your artistic skills
  • To gain attention regarding a specific subject

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Having a clear goal in your mind can help you in organizing a photo exhibition to fulfill your dreams. There are different forms of photo exhibitions:

  • Single exhibition
  • Group exhibition
  • Theme exhibition
  • Contest

You have to clear your mind and decide which form of the exhibition will suit your art so that it can give you better exposure.

Whenever you are planning your very first photo exhibition try to team up with other photographers as it is easier to organize and manage it. The advantage of a co-organized photography exhibition not only allows you to distribute tasks but also motivates you whenever you feel low.

Sort out your finances

Budget is another preliminary stage factor that you should keep in mind to embark on your passion of photography exhibition.

Unless you have a wealthy sponsor who will finance your exhibition (if you are lucky enough), you’ll likely have to shoulder the costs yourself, so it’s necessary that you make a sound budget.

You’ll have to keep track of certain things while planning for your exhibition. Along with the primary task like renting space, you’ll need to cover the cost of printing and frames.

Cost Cutting Tip: Buy your supplies in wholesale at low costs from print and frame online service providers.

After that, it’d be a great idea to organize food and drinks for your guests!

Target right audience

Depending on your aims you list out different target groups. Mostly you will get in touch with a plethora of target groups as it is essential for a successful exhibition.

Tip: Inform the media about your photo exhibition on time. If your favorite media platforms are supposed to report your exhibition, you will need a press kit with all the prerequisites. It will facilitate a coordinated professional PR who will considerably contribute to the success of your exhibit.

Only when you’re sure about your preferred target group, you can start contacting them. Here’s the list of target groups you can communicate with:

  • Art collectors: This group of people has the ambition to complete their personal collection field. If you manage to win art collectors, it will generally be the beginning of a healthy relationship.
  • Art gamblers: Nowadays, photography is in high demand within art gambling groups. Many semi-professional art gamblers buy limited editions or artworks of budding artists in order to profit from the increase in value.
  • Local dignitaries: Each city has it’s local VIPs. Give them a personal invitation to your exhibition. It will bring glamour to your exhibition and attract more visitors.
  • Friends and acquaintances: Involve friends and acquaintances during the pre-planning stage of your photo exhibition as they will support you and open their connections to you.

Marketing Tip: Use your social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to inform people about your event. Moreover, live video streaming on the day of the exhibition can help you gain more attention and engagement.

Being creative while searching for a location

Use your God-given creativity in picking a great spot as it gives you much more engagement.

Having your talent featured in a public gallery isn’t just making it easier for people to spot and find your exhibition, but it’s also a subtle endorsement of sorts from the well-known gallery if they’re willing to have you in the first place.

Full disclosure: This is going to be difficult if you’re organizing your first show and don’t yet have an established name. Still, in spite of the high odds against you, it’s still worth trying to see if any public gallery would lend you their location for your show.

We know that it's more challenging if you don’t live in a city that has a specified downtown area with places like art galleries and various art spaces.

If you are tight on budget, then look out for unusual places in which you can hold the exhibition. Consider these suggestions to create a significant impact with confidence:

  • Public parks
  • Community centers
  • Schools
  • Small coffee shops
  • Specialized retail stores
  • Public libraries
  • Places of higher learning

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When you’re pitching your ideas to the potential venues the wisdom of having them hold your exhibition, remember that you’re offering them value in the first place.

Collaborating with restaurants for the exhibition means you’re going to be bringing in friends, family and those in your industry, all of whom will be consuming food and drinks, which will help the host make money plus there’s also the free advertising that’s inherent in having a massive crowd of people.

Schedule your exhibition at the right time

There is no precise answer to this query of when is the perfect time to hold your photo exhibition. But can stay precautious by avoiding some simple mistakes.

Here are four dates that you should avoid your exhibition at all costs:

  • Large sporting tournaments: European and world football tournaments, the Olympics, Wrestlemania, etc.
  • Long weekends: Your target group will utilize these holidays for short breaks.
  • Major social events: Election day, Labor day, etc.
  • Important religious festivals: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Pentecost

You must note down all these dates long in advance by consulting an events calendar so that it can help you avoid choosing the wrong time for your exhibition.

While some may try to divert your mind on holding an exhibition before the summer months, others take a contrary point of view, because much fewer viewings can take place in the middle of summer.

Undeniable facts about timing: Traditionally, people spend more money in the 4th quarter of the year. Not because that the enormous expenses are planned for this time of year, but many high earners receive additional resources in the form of Christmas money, a 13th or 14th month’s salary or bonus.

Another piece of advice regarding the right time for your photo exhibition is to collaborate with another event. Get involved in such large events and take advantage of them as much as possible:

  • You will receive an added interest in your work due to the thematic similarities between the two exhibits.
  • You will gain access to high-end exhibition spaces that would otherwise be unavailable to you due to budget constraints.
  • Your exhibition will provide you with networking opportunities and help you build your professional stature.
  • You might even receive funding from the attendees due to the thematic similarities between your exhibition and the event.

Handy Tip: Start your exhibition on usual days like Friday between 7 pm and 9 pm, Saturday between 3 pm and 7 pm, and Sunday morning around 11 am to receive more audience.

Build relationships with local business

This technique should aid you in saving a lot of money because holding an exhibition is pricey. The more you meet and greet with the domestic business help you form long-lasting bonds. Bonding with the local art supply store and mat cutters will allow you to get good deals on all the equipment and tools you require to put on a dynamite exhibition.

Connecting with your suppliers is going to be a huge victory when you see the cost of the other aspects you still have to contend with, like venue-space rentals and food and beverages.

It’s showtime!

Now the day is upon you after all of your careful and detailed pre-preparation. Just keep in mind the most significant rule of presentation that it must be appropriate for your audience, but, still, at the end of the day, it’s your call as to what to showcase.

In addition to the considerations of your audience, make sure that everything is in the exact place. It means that all the frames have to be secure and the glass within has to be so shiny and spotless. You want your exhibition to look and feel as professional, suave and seamless as much as possible.

Staying calm.

There’ll be no time for feeling intimidated, mainly if it’s your premier exhibition, because of all of the sheer, hard work you’ll have to put into it to make it a success.

Let's take an alternate route: If you even have a bit of time to worry about how frightening this task is, then there’s a good chance you’re not actively doing everything you must to make sure that your exhibition goes off without a hassle.

Your gallery exhibition is an extension of you as a photographer. Don’t showcase anything you’re not proud of, and let your work speak for itself.

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