While you’re decorating your home, you want every single piece of furniture, decoration, and everything in between to be perfect.

Home decoration would be incomplete without a bunch of aesthetic pictures, photographs portraying your life, and frames that speak volumes of your personality.

The best way to do this would be to buy custom frames online.

Although, choosing a frame from the numerous options available in the market could be a tad bit difficult.

The frames that you find can be:

  • Metallic
  • Wooden
  • Sleek
  • Bulky
  • Various colors
  • Textured

And if this wasn’t enough, there are so many types of paintings, photographs, and prints to choose from!

So, yes, we do understand that it’s a tough choice.

To make things easier for you we’ve created a “how to” for picking the most impeccable frame!

Read along to know more!

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Don’t Stress To Match

If there’s one thing of utmost importance, it is that you shouldn’t be stressed about matching everything! There are no rules in art, and picture framing is, well, an art. So let the photo and the frame be what you love. Let it do its own thing, spread the magic of art, even if it doesn’t look like it matches.

No Difference Between Opposites and Alike

Yes, it’s true that there’s a lot of talk about how the frame should be the opposite color of the wall. But, it’s not necessary. The color of your wall could be the same as the frame. If you’ve bought a dark custom frame online and a dark wall in your home, you might want to try putting them both together. A dark on the dark concept will bring out the beauty in the picture.

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Coordinate the Artwork and the Frame

Look at what medium was used to create the artwork. Now, not all pieces need the same type of frame. In fact, some pieces, like the ones we call canvas paintings, might not even need a frame. While for other times the artwork might come with a frame because that’s how the artist might have wanted it to look.

Let the Frames Enhance

You want to be clear on one thing. The frame needs to enhance the art that it’s framing.

Putting up a frame that does no good, art is a waste. It might throw the ambiance of the room off balance, possibly creating the bad kind of vibes.

Making sure that the frame size and thickness is proportionate to the size of the artwork will strengthen the style of the piece!

Become the Undertone Checker

It’s not as tough as it may sound. Every color that you see is made by mixing multiple colors and all of them have an undertone.

To determine which undertone your wall has, you want to start by taking a swatch of the closest true colors of the paint you have now. The comparison will let you know the undertone.

For cooler undertones, preferably you want to pick a silver-based custom frame online. While for a warmer undertone you want to pick a golden frame.

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Let the Whites Bond

If you didn’t already know, here’s a bit of knowledge for you. Whites come in different shades. Yes! Whites have undertones as well, so when you’re picking a frame, make sure that the white on the frame matched the one on the wall.

Broader frames, maybe with a little texture, would work like a charm for your white on white ambiance you might want to get going.

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Frames Don’t Need to Match

If you already have some existing frames in your home that you love and would want to incorporate with the new ones, then go ahead and do it! The new you may have bought online do not need to match with the current ones.

Look at it as being a collage of photos, pictures, and frames! It’ll give the wall an interesting element, something all your guests will be attracted to. It would be a conversation starter.

Consider the Base

Depending on the base of your painting or picture you will want to pick a custom frame online.

For a paper-based piece, you want your frame to be accompanied by a mount board that will provide additional support to the paper. Paper-based pieces are susceptible to wear and tear, they need to be preserved.

If the artwork is on a canvas, try considering a wooden frame that complements the tone of the piece.

Simplicity + Grandeur

Okay, concentrate here. If your picture is complicated and intricate, let the frame be simple, maybe just a groove that runs around the entire frame.

Let’s say the photo is a fairly simple one, minimal details, and colors, then the frame that you choose could flaunt complex designs.

That being said, a simple picture with a simple frame would work as well! So don’t worry too much. Just pick what you like, and for sure you’ll be fine!

All in all, you need balance.

In Tune with the color Scheme

The frame and the artwork don’t need to have a similar color scheme. If the shades on your frame are the same as the ones in the painting, they would clash creating an unpleasant look. And you certainly don’t want to ruin the look of your room!

Mattes v/s Shiny

Listen to this, the following factors will determine whether your frame will be shine or stay matte:

  • The Artwork
  • The Base
  • The Wall on which it will be hanged
  • The lighting conditions in the room
  • The Size of the artwork

So before you go and buy a custom frame online, make sure you’ve thought about all of these points.

Consider the Surroundings

If the piece is going to be put up in a room decorated with wood you want to ensure that the frame and the artwork don’t send out a contradictory feeling. You don’t want your wall to end up looking like a big mess. And you definitely don’t want your artwork to be overshadowed.

Yes, there are no hard and fast rules, but some things are a complete no-no.

The type of floor will also determine the type of frame you will use.

Understand the Art

It is crucial that you understand what the piece you’ll be putting on display means. The expressions it portrays and the emotions that it wants you to feel will play a major role in picking a frame that will work towards enhancing all the aspects of the piece.

If the piece is antique, do not put it in a modern frame, it might not be the best idea. While if the art is a modern piece you can’t expect it to shine in some old rustic frame.

Avoid Trends

Every other day you’ll see a new trend hitting the market. If you buy a frame that’s high on the trending list today, there’s a high chance that it falls right to the ground, leaving you with a frame that long gone from the market. You’ll probably start loathing it too.

Rather than getting stuck in such a situation, pick a frame that you love, or the one that suits the artwork from the trends that have walked in.

So there you have it, the absolute “how to” to ensure you can buy a custom frame online, that makes you gush over for years to come!

Art can come alive with the right kind of frame to adorn it.

It’s like jewelry!

Just how a necklace could look a 100 times more charming on one person but not the other, in the same way, one frame could work towards increasing the artwork’s charm, while another would ruin its look.

And even when you’re not supposed to follow a handbook or a guide, it would be beneficial for you to learn a couple of things about how the art world works.

You could say that artists live a life of rules without any rules.

Let frames do the job they’re meant to do, beautifying your art and your home.

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