Astounding Gifting

Let’s start with an astonishing fact:

According to a survey by an e-commerce company, people of America spend nearly 14 hours shopping for gifts. This data shows that finding a perfect gift for loved ones is a nightmare for many people. If you are still in a dilemma for getting the best gift for them, you’ve visited the right place. We’re here to reveal some unique and innovative gift ideas and suggestions so that you can be a better gifter and find an ideal gift for someone you love.

Without wasting any time, let’s move on to the part for which you are eagerly waiting:

  • Ostrich pillow : This pillow will allow your friend to bury his/her head inside a comfortable pillow to face the tiresome journey in train or plane. Gift a unique pillow to your sleepyhead friend.
  • Solar power USB charger : Harness the power of the sun to charge the mobile phones using solar power USB charger. Gift this to your traveler friend and stay connected.
  • Wine tour crate : A perfect gift that can never be left on the shelf to collect the dust. Take your dearest to the wine tour without leaving the comfort of the home. This crate contains some of the finest wines from around the globe and the food that goes well with the drink.
  • Bitcoin : Present a gift with a futuristic approach. Bitcoins, for example, will be used as a mode of transaction in the future. It is a proper gift for loved ones who are internet geeks and smart in financial matters.
  • USB mix tape : Bring back the old sweet memories with this gift. It is a pen drive stuck in the package which looks like an old cassette box. Gift the tape to rewind the old memories by listening to the favorite tunes.
  • Fitness band : If you have an athletic friend, this gift will make him/her adore you even more. The band will keep a track of his/her movements, calorie intake, and deep sleep duration that will be helpful in setting fitness goals.
  • Adventure sports package : Give a gift to your adventurer friend that he/she never forgets. Make an everlasting impression by gifting the experience of river rafting, skydiving or bungee jumping. It will be a package of unforgettable memories.
  • Lightsaber : If your loved one is a Star Wars fan, then he/she will surely love the lightsaber. It will go to his/her ultimate Star Wars merchandise collection and will be cherished forever.
  • Kindle : A bookworm will love this gift due to its practicality. Searching for a place to store all your paperbacks and hardbacks is in the past. If your friend is a bookworm, then he/she can store all the books with just a touch.
  • Event tickets : Gift someone the tickets of a live event that he/she is longing to attend. It can be a ticket to Wrestlemania or a ticket to Super Bowl. Gift a spectacular experience for your friend.
  • Rocky duffel bag : If your friend is a sports freak or regularly visits a gym, then gifting a duffel bag is the best thought. A stylish duffel bag will leave an enduring impression on your friend’s mind.
  • Backpack : Upgrade your friend’s commuting experience by gifting a water-resistant, lightweight, and sleek backpack that can be perfect for every travel occasion.
  • Noise-canceling sleepbuds : Give your friend a gift of peaceful sleep with earbuds that can mask the external noise. After all, who wouldn’t like to have a sound sleep after a hectic day?
  • Cufflinks : If you have a friend is fond of wearing classy formal suits and shirts for work and special occasions, then give him the cufflinks that can make him look professional and suave.
  • Digital photo frames : Gifting a digital photo frame is the best idea. Decorate the frame by adding the photos of your loved ones. The memory of the picture will stay in their heart and home for eternity.
  • Comic books : Do you remember reading comic books in your childhood with your friends? Yes, that was an age where our heroes of life were the superheroes of the comic books. Why not relive those moments? Gift a comic book to your friend to adore those memories of childhood.
  • Jewelry : Create a timeless impression in the eyes of your loved one by gifting a jewelry piece. It shows how much you value his/her presence in your life.
  • Journal : A journal is the best gift for a friend who always likes to write about experiences of travel, food recipes, phone numbers, and even routine activities.
  • Bean bag lounger : Upgrade your friend’s bean bag into a multi-seater bean bag lounger. It is a gift of comfort for your friend that he/she can enjoy every day.
  • Bluetooth shower speaker : If your friend is a bathroom singer, then you can gift a Bluetooth shower speaker. This water-resistant speaker enables to tune in to your friend’s favorite songs to unleash an emerging singer!
  • Amazon Fire TV : Present your friend an access to his/her favorite web series, movies, and documentary directly on TV with just a voice command. Award him/her with the Amazon Fire TV to enjoy the unlimited entertainment.
  • Golf balls : If you have a friend who loves to play golf, then you can gift the customized golf balls with his/her name printed on it.
  • Gourmet coffee sampler : Make your loved one brew like a boss with this selection of coffees from around the world. Let your beloved bound to cherish different flavors of coffees, tempting to have more.
  • MIDI keyboard : This keyboard is great for those friends who are fond of music and want to practice piano skills but doesn’t have space. It fits great in almost any place and has introductory lessons for the beginners too.
  • Neck pillow : If your friend is a frequent traveler, then a neck pillow is an apt gift for him/her. Travel neck pillow will be useful for resting the neck on a soft and comfy pillow to have a comfortable sleep during the long journey.
  • Teapot purse : If your dear one likes nothing but a great cup of tea, then gift him/her a teapot purse. It comes with a removable strap and separate compartment for cell phone and keys.
  • Automated light switch : This gift is beneficial for your beloved who always forgets to switch off the lights. These switches are controlled with the help of an app to switch on and off the lights without any hassle.
  • Beatles studio recording box set : If your loved one is a fan of the Beatles band, this gift will blow his/her mind. The gift contains the original recording of the Beatles, the most influential band in history.
  • Slanket : It is an innovative item made by the amalgamation of blanket and sleeves. Help your dearest to stay warm by getting wrapped in the super cozy slanket during winter.
  • Family picture frame : This will remind your dear one about the happy times because it holds enough pictures for every memory. Make your beloved nostalgic with such a heart-warming gift.
  • Home security device : If your friend or family member is staying alone, give them the extra pair of eyes and ears via a home security device. This device will give the live feed of the home even if they are not in the home. Moreover, it gives alerts and notifications when it detects unusual movements and noises.
  • Digital assistant : Help your loved one to stay updated and organized with a digital assistant. It sets reminders about the tasks. With the help of the commands, the tasks are noted and then reminded at a set time.
  • Trophy : Imagine your beloved receiving the award of excellence and the reaction of complete and utter surprise, appreciation, and love. This replica is popular as one of the world’s most prominent awards. AIt can be gifted to showcase your beloved’s loyalty, devotion, and helpfulness is award-winning on every level within your heart and soul.

Let’s hope that these gift ideas may relate you at some point of time in life when you are confused among the gifting options. Proverb 18:16 in the Lexham English Bible states that “A gift from a person opens the door for something great”. This elicits the importance of gift a person has in their life. So this festive season makes your loved one feel precious by picking the gifts that they deserve.

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