The sense of joy that we relish while gifting our own hand-made items cannot be compared to any other pleasure in the world. But to brainstorm the ideas of gifting is a terrible feeling. The first thought that would occur to us is to present a photo frame – memorable and valuable.

But what if you get to design it on your own? Yes, that’s awesome! We have listed excellent gifting ideas of framing and printing that would evoke your craftsmanship by pondering your efforts in making the creative photo frames:

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1. Ticket receipts: You must have had memorable moments with your friends or family during an event such as a live music concert. Isn’t it great to frame those tickets remnants or receipts? When the recipient will see the frame, he/she will preserve the moments you enjoyed together.

(Snappy add-on: You can beautify your frame by double matting it with contrasting colors.)

2. Artwork by kids: The tiny tots of your family might have undiscovered talent which you can frame and showcase it on the walls. You can ask them to draw a landscape or just paint something random based on their interest. The framed picture will give immense happiness to the children. They can look at the photograph and recall the childhood memories when they become old.

You can frame the artwork with colorful frames which matches your child’s infinite creativity.

3. Multi-picture frame: It is the best idea if you want to portray a series of events of a particular day or an instance. For example, you want to frame multiple pictures of a birthday party, anniversary or valentine’s day. You can select 3-4 best pictures and frame it one below the other.

(Breaking tip: You can choose different colors for each frame to create a beautiful set of photographs hanging on a wall with frames attached by strings or a thin rope.)

4. Garden photograph: Do you want to mesmerize your nature lover friend? Well, this frame will do wonders. Pick a canvas-friendly frame and some beautiful small planters which will result a stunning look to the wall. The imagination of such a frame is soothing as you are framing a living thing with fresh fragrance on the wall.

5. Candid wedding photograph: For your newlywed special ones, you cannot think of anything else except the portrait of their memorable day. The married couple might already be busy in planning their new life, new home together. You can help them by presenting this spectacular gift which they can hang in their living room.

(Garnishing thought: Choose a candid photograph where the bride is lovingly looking at her groom, or the groom is presenting flowers to the bride. It will startle them to have such unknowing moments captured, which are not related to the rituals of the wedding.)

6. Book covers or comic covers: Your bookworm buddy is definitely going to love this! Frame his favorite book cover or a comic book that you read together and laughed over it. You must carefully tear the page to measure and design a suitable frame. With their heart and soul always in a novel, they must have never expected this to come.

(Sneaky trick: If your friend is a fan of a pop music icon or an actor, you can frame the magazine cover with an image of the figure. Gift the frame and it will do the rest!)

7. Christmas frames: Every year, we wait for long Christmas holidays to celebrate it with family and friends. Cutting the tree, decorating it with dangling stockings or making your footprints in the snow are the memories that you cherish lifelong. What if these memories are captured in a photo collage frame? We would get a chance to recall these memories by looking at the photographs or by gifting it to your dear one.

8. Hashtag frames: Tell me one person who is not on social media. With a storm of #hashtags poured on your Instagram or Facebook page, we have imbibed to express ourselves in the language of hashtags. So why not create the bedroom wall a hashtag one. You can frame a creative mod podge and then write your status every day on the frame. With a vintage look, these frames are going to resemble your wall with a social media page.

(Cherry on the cake: Paint the frame inserts with a chalkboard paint. Won’t it look like you are writing on a blackboard with a chalk?)

9. Jewelry kit frame: For your fashionista friend, it’s the most artistic frame you can ever make. It’s even easy to customize as you wish. All you need is some hooks for hanging necklaces and a case that perfectly goes with the jewelry style. Add some glamour quotient to the frame with modern designs or with a rustic look to give an old school design.

The frame should fancy your friend’s choice and attire.

10. Framed whiteboard: When you look at a whiteboard, what is the first thought that occurs to your mind? I bet it must be a classroom or a conference room. Well, my hint is to gift a vintage framed whiteboard to your boss which he will love to decorate in his office. Moreover, he will be impressed with the effort that you made to ease his work of keeping notes or running the operations smoothly. No wonder, you are sure to get a bonus this year.

11. Framed momentos: These framed souvenirs need not be expensive. You can frame a travel picture or a love letter and gift it to your dear one. You are not gifting a picture, but you are gifting a lifetime memory. You can also search for lost photographs or old pictures of their childhood or school days. Surprise them with these photographs which are drafted beautifully.

(Extras: If you had a first date at a restaurant with your special one, frame their menu card and present it. Can you imagine the glimmer in the eyes of your dear one?)

12. Framed abstract painting: Your artistic friend might always be looking forward to having a classic wall art in their room. Behind every artwork, there’s a story. It’s perfect for the person who dreams big and also dares to make it true. You can frame the painting of their favorite artists such as Andy Warhol or Keith Haring.

This gift will remind him/her to keep imagining and bring out the creativity for the conception of another masterpiece.

13. Recipe frame: You might have guessed it by the name as to where I will lead you. Yes, that right! Frame a traditional recipe or your special family recipe and gift it to your chef of the family. It showcases like a family tradition being imparted to the recipient with great love and trust to prolong the traditional recipe.

It acts as a motivation to the budding chef of your family who will be overwhelmed to receive the frame.

(Cheesylicious topping: Decorate the frame surrounding with a shelf above the frame. The shelf can be furnished with vintage crockery such as glass, spoons, and bowls.)

14. Framed stadium picture: It is definitely for the sports freak. Frame his/her favorite sports picture (like soccer) and hang it in their room. He/she is going to imagine the cheers of people during the match, the smell of the grass and the delicious snacks. You are actually gifting these imaginations with the frame.

(Kick-ass idea: If you really want to go out of the box, then print an HD photograph of toy loved one’s favorite team or the match that he/she had watched it live at the stadium.)

15. Framed movie poster: Who doesn’t like films? It’s hard to find a person who is not fond of movies. On the contrary, each one of us might be having a film close to our heart, which we won’t mind to watch it again. One of your closed ones might be in LOVE with movies and it’s inseparable from their life. Gifting a framed movie poster doesn’t get any better than any other gift for a movie fanatic.

(Pictorial tip: Choose a glossy black frame for a classic movie poster to ready the wall for roll-camera-action.)

16. Window-shaped frame: Every family must have a family photograph or a portrait. Usually, they are pictures in the shape of a tree or a group photograph. Thus, let’s experiment with an innovative method to have a family portrait. Print the individual pictures of the family members and frame it in the shape of a windowpane which has multiple frames. The rustic frame will give freshness to the wall which is used to having a collage of pictures, or a large single family photograph.

(The climax: The opening of the window can have FAMILY written with small wooden sticks.)

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