Shower Love This Father’s Day With These 21 Affordable Gift Ideas!

“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad”- Anne Geddes

These lines are magical, aren’t they? With all the mother’s day messages hitting online recently, now its time to shower love for the man who works tirelessly to provide you with all your basic necessities. A family can never be completed without a hard working 'father'.

Every third Sunday of June, we celebrate Father’s Day. Social media platforms are filled with photos, wherein kids are busy posting pictures and messages. What’s the use of showing this one-sided love when you have not wished him personally?

This father’s day, let’s express our love not through posts but by wishing him, spending time and don’t forget to buy him an amazing gift!

With limited time on hand, let’s choose a timeless present for the wonderful man who lives only to see his kids smile. Buying a gift for your dad might be a bit tacky since you may have to explain to him ‘Why you bought such expensive things?’ or ‘ Why waste money for such a thing?’. So, we have bought you a curated list of gifts ideas that will fit your bill.

21 Amazing Gifts that are Expensive in Showing your Love

1. Caring for his daily beverages

If your dad is anything like mine, who cannot live without his hot cup of tea/coffee or a cold beer, then gift him a tumbler to keep these drinks hot or cold for hours.

Buy him a stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler. They are strong, durable and handy. Be in any corner of the world, your beverage is always hot/cold.

For a coffee lover, an espresso maker can be great.

2. Go for a movie

This may sound very cliché. But there is nothing better than spending time with family. Book a VIP class tickets and enjoy the movie sipping drinks and stuffing yummy cheese popcorns. Take home happiness and memorable family time.

3. Tickets to a retro music concert or game

If you find your father murmuring classic songs or glued to the television for football matches, watch out for tickets of concerts or local matches (that are not much costly). This would be like fulfilling his longtime desire of watching a match live.

4. A frame full of happiness

Present him moments featuring the golden times when he first carried you in his shaking arms or a wedding photo with his 3600 long smile. There are several online framing services which ask you to send your photo, select the frame and your picture frame is delivered at your doorsteps.

5. Gift him a sexy, sleek bottle of alcohol

Find his favorite brand of alcohol and throw a barbeque party on Father’s Day. Let the whole family merry with grilled sausages and potatoes. If not a barbeque, then have an amazing family dinner at home.

6. Make beer with LOVE

Have you ever overheard him saying, “How does this craft beer taste like?”

Then, now it’s time to grant him a wish to prepare his own craft beer at home! The craft beer making kit is equipped with an easy to understand manual and customer services who are always ready to help. The product has gathered good feedback from several online websites. Check out now!

7. Time for new tools

It’s time to upgrade his old shaving kit to a new one. Buy him a branded shaving kit with all the latest shaving tools. Let him feel the luxury of a smooth shaving experience!

8. For the obsessed reader!

For the avid readers, a yearly subscription of his favorite magazine or a kindle would be highly appreciated. Build him a bookshelf with all his favorite set of novels, classics, thrillers, autobiography and likewise.

9. Daddy cool!

Modern parents look cool when they are busying sending memes or forwarding messages or rather liking your photo on Facebook or Instagram. Buy him the latest smartphone and share hours of teaching him the new features.

10. Accessories that match his personality

With an expensive smartphone, you would also need a mobile cover. How about a rugged looking leather case to safeguard the phone? It will also match the rest of his gears.

11. Smart tech for your super techie dad

Your dad would love those super sexy AirPods with a wireless charging case. With this, you don't even need to share your AirPods with your daddy. The day would end listening to songs, watching YouTube and flaunting his new pair of AirPods.

12. For the loud music lover

Dad’s love their combination of black tea and soft music. But if your dad is quite the opposite (except for the black tea), then get waterproof bluetooth speaker that accompanies him wherever he wishes to take his handy gadget, may it be the beach, company party or business trips.

A portable Spotify player would be the best pair to complete with.

13. For the vintage style daddy

Bring back old memories with a classic recorder. Purchase a turntable with vinyl records and favorite albums. It has a built-in bluetooth speaker and doesn't need any cords. You are welcoming home a new member who will be entertaining your parents while you are away.

14. For the traveler

A leather passport cover and a luggage tag would be awesome. For the dads who are always traveling, this would surely help. You will be remembered every time he removes his passport. This can also be a reminder that he needs to come back home safely and early!

15. For the sporty dad

Gift him a personalized tennis or golf ball engraved with his name or the names of the family members. It can be a baseball bat, tennis racket, football any sports he loves. It can also be an activity that he loves like fishing or gardening. Just buy his favorite sport and customize it. He would surely be impressed!

16. For the one who loves storing memories

My dad has a shelf full of souvenirs commemorating all old coins, stamps, air tickets, photos all in one old diary. Purchase a personalized diary with his name engraved and a family photo in the center.

17. Caring for his beard

Dads are extremely possessive when it comes to his facial hair, especially the beard. He is always with the same bushy beard that he pampers every time. Time to change into a modern look. Present him a wood beard brush set. This kit comprises of beard oil, brushes, shampoo, conditioner, and balm. Who knows you might get a Father’s Day discount too?

18. A box of good things

My dad believes in staying well-groomed. If it is with your dad too, then gift him a set of collar stays, cuff links, watch, cologne, and other accessories. This is a perfect combo of things that would keep your dad well organized and up-to-date.

19. Dad with culinary skills

Summertime is considered to be the best time for a barbeque. Yeah! That sounds yummy. This grilling season, gift him a personalized cutting board. Hit the beach with all your stuff and get soaked into the beachy vibes. Let your dad be the host!

20. Getting Inked

If your dad loves tattoos (and you too), then get a father-son/daughter duo tattoo! This father’s day would be the best time to get an aesthetic mandala or just a simple name tattoo.

21. An award to the most selfless man goes to...

OUR DADS!! Make him feel special by gifting him a trophy for his desk. Make him feel proud of your artistic skills with a trophy engraved with the best qualities that your dad inherits. He would definitely make him happy as he flaunts his ‘Best Dad’ trophy at his workplace.

“The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams, and aspirations he sets not for himself but for his family”- Reed Markham