Do you feel that Christmas is getting monotonous every year? If your answer is “Yes,” then let’s try out different ways to spice it up a bit.

Here is the list of unique and new ways to celebrate Christmas.

Let’s begin.

Go cultural

There are a lot of cultures in the world, and many of them celebrate Christmas in their unique way. You may find some traditions funny or weird but trying one of them out sounds fascinating.

So here’s the idea: select a country everybody in your family will agree to and spend a culturally-themed Christmas. Buy the embellishments and decorate your home in the way it is decorated for Christmas and New Year in the selected culture, try to imitate their traditions, and prepare their national dishes.

Here is the list of some different cultural Christmas celebration:

If your family is weight conscious, then you must try out Armenian Christmas celebration as you have to fast for a week before Christmas. After a long hunger strike, you can break your fast with a light meal called "khetum," which features rice, fish, yogurt soup, dried nuts, and grape jelly desserts.

If you and your family believe in stories of witches, then Norwegian style of Christmas is best as you have to hide your brooms. The reason behind hiding broom is that back then people believed that witches and evil spirits came out on Christmas Eve looking for brooms to ride on. To this day, many people still hide their brooms in the safest place possible to stop them from being stolen.

These are some unique traditional celebrations you can try out with your family.

Savor the different main course

Speaking of meals, most people enjoy the traditional Christmas dinner that is generally ham or turkey. This year, why not mix and match the meals from around the globe?


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Rather than traditional dinner try out Latkes (fried potato pancakes) from Israel, Mexican Bacalao ( salt cod), Italian Panettone (feast of seven fishes), German christstollen (cake with dried fruit and marzipan), etc. - the possibilities are limitless and only limited by your imagination and cooking skills.


If you are bored with your routine Christmas chores, then why not take some time this Christmas to help out the local food pantry or homeless shelter.


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You can do a lot to help out the needy people. Here is some volunteering work you can try out this festive season and put a smile on the face of an underprivileged.

  • You can visit battered women's shelters and help them by picking up the donations like toiletries, clothes, and toys from your locality to uplift them. Moreover, you can also serve meals or entertain the children at the shelter.
  • If you are an animal lover, then go to the local animal shelter and help them walking their dogs on Christmas so that the staff can take a day off and enjoy the festival with their families.

Watch your favorite Christmas movies

We know that you’ve seen them a million times, but these cheesy festive films never fail to pull our heartstrings. There’s one for every mood. Let’s take a look at some of the go-to films for getting a dose of the festive spirit:


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  • Home Alone (Comedy)
  • Die Hard (Action)
  • Gremlins (Fantasy)
  • Black Christmas ( Horror)
  • Miracle on 34th Street (Drama)
  • A Midnight Clear (War)
  • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (Sci-fi)
  • White Christmas (Musical)

Give the gift of thought or time

The best way to celebrate Christmas that is both inexpensive and non-traditional, include giving either the gift of thought or the gift of time.

With the gift of thought, each member of the family must give a gift with thought put into it, such as a favorite baked dish with the recipe attached, family picture frame gift, or "redeemable coupons" for things like taking out the trash, giving a back massage, or washing the dishes for a week straight.

With the gift of time, you can go back to your parents home and spend some quality time with them. Moreover, you can even come with some homemade gifts that your parents adore like a mixtape, artwork cards, etc.

Go on a vacation

Rather than burning a hole in your pockets for tangible items, it is better to pay for an experience. While this doesn't have to be an every year tradition, spending your Christmas in a cabin surrounded by the mountains, or a beach resort, or a family favorite, no matter where you go, it will be non-traditional since the traditional way of celebrating Christmas includes being in your own home decorating a Christmas tree.

Here are some suggestions for a lovely holiday getaway.

Salzburg, Austria

It is the best place to celebrate Christmas as it is offering the aesthetics of the country's Baroque architecture, sub-Alpine scenery, and musical heritage. Its festive market is small and intimate, and a frequent dusting of snow that adds to its appeal.

Bali, Indonesia

Rather than listening to carols, listen to the haunting sounds of the gamelan gong for a change while you praise the Christmas Eve sunset on a beach near the temple of Tanah Lot.


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Queenstown, New Zealand

This peninsula may not have any reindeer, but sun lovers can join Santa in his surf shorts while trying out different adventure sports like jetboat, river surf or paraglide on Lake Wakatipu, or just set up camp along the lakefront enjoying jovial Christmas meal.

Learn a new skill

Nothing is better than self-improvement. Learning a new skill will help in many ways like improving performance, increasing grasping power, and meeting like-minded people.

Here is the list of lucrative skills you can learn this Christmas:

  • Photography Learning photography is a good choice. Although it doesn’t provide you with many monetary pleasures, gaining artistic skills is much essential to create and click something aesthetic for your photo collection. Moreover, the picture frame gift clicked by you will be loved by your dear ones.
  • Culinary Cooking is an endless skill that is not just bound to the home kitchen. If you are the one looking to change your career path, then learning culinary skills can earn your fortune. There are a ton of niche markets emerging every day, thanks to food loving people eating paleo, gluten-free, vegan, or local.
  • Language Learning a new language is in demand now as knowing the foreign language can help you in eradicating language barrier while traveling abroad. Moreover, due to the globally-connected world, being able to fluently speak, write and understand the nuances of foreign language is an increasingly valuable skill as it allows you to earn more money and connections.

12 days of Christmas

One of the best ideas is that instead of giving out gifts on Christmas Day, celebrate the 12 days of Christmas.

In this scenario, for 12 consecutive days in a row during December, you will be able to give each member of your family a small gift that they will love. It doesn't need to be large or extravagant.


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The benefit of this idea is that your kids will love it as they will receive small gifts for 12 days which will make them happy and adore you even more.

We think these are some new ways you can try out this Christmas to take a break from your routine celebration.

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