If you are planning to decorate your wall, cover it with photos that bring back memories each time you look at it. Photos are a reflection of your happiness when you walked down the aisle holding your father’s hand for the first time. Or depicts sorrow of losing a person forever who still resides in your heart.

It is easy to find many such services available on picture printing and framing online.

This article brings you a comprehensive guide on how to prepare your image and select the right frame. Stay with us as we give you a detailed insight into what goes in making memories more special.

Prepare a wall of memories for your beloved or create your room depicting your photographic skills with customized picture printing and framing. To get your perfect image you might need some skills to make it look more professional yet personalized.

Step-by-step procedure for picture printing and framing

E Picture Framing, a picture printing and framing online service allows its customers to upload their image, parcel your artwork and get it delivered. Before sending your picture make sure you have gone through the below norms.

Step 1: Starting right by selecting the perfect picture

The first step is to choose your desired picture but make sure you select a high-quality one! A vibrant print looks good and adds charm to the picture. Another important aspect is the image resolution. More the pixels results in better detailing and adds sharpness to the artwork.

Step 2: Selecting the right size

Choose the right aspect ratio for the photo is important so that your photo doesn’t get stretched or squished after printing. The actual ratio is defined as the ratio of the height or width of your image. But, how to get that right?

There are several free online tools, one such is Photoshop wherein it simply allows you to manipulate your image accordingly. Just adjust your file height and width as per your desired print and the app will automatically adjust the other dimensions.

In case you are using photoshop, then Go to ‘Image’ in the menu bar and click on ‘Image Size’ and your image is ready for print!

Step 3: Make sure your picture prints well!

The task doesn't end here! Before printing please check if your image will look good in the desired size you have chosen. If your print size is more than around 18”*24’’ then you probably need to check it before printing.

Here, photo editing software can help you to choose the perfect print size. If you know your image’s pixel dimension then it would be easier to calculate the print size to get a good quality photo.

Step 4: Get the right file type

As compared to the most common file types like JPGs and PNGs, TIFF files are the best option. These types of files offer high-quality images even when you edit and repeatedly save them.

Giving final touches to your picture:

Your picture isn't complete with a good-looking frame that enhances the overall look of your printed image, poster or print. The color palette, existing home decor should be considered before choosing a frame.

There are several online portals that provide you with the ease of choosing picture printing and framing online. E Picture Framing is one such online picture framing service that frames your photos or digital artwork and delivers it at your doorstep for free!

It caters a creative framework of 22 high-quality frames available in popular colors and styles at affordable rates. All you need to do is upload your image, choose your frame, ship your artwork and it reaches you back in a fixed period of time.

Without wasting much time, let’s move ahead with some popular frames that can style and add charismatic to your home.

Picking the perfect, modern-styled frame:

1. Classic Gallery frames

These plain looking white and black frames are a classic choice that looks great on a plain looking wall, making your photo look more attractive. It’s clean and modern lines make it fit for any room.

Twin it with a black and white portrait or even a colorful painting, it will match both.

These simple frames perfectly fit suits people who love being classic yet stylish.

Find your desired classic frame at E Picture Framing!

2. Rustic Wooden Frames

If you are looking for something contemporary? Try these rustic looking wooden frames that will compliment both dark and light colored paintings. Experiment these frames with loud colors like yellow or mild colors like sea blue, they would compliment all types of decor.

3. Earthy Frames

For the imperfectionists, earthy frames are a good option. They are slightly rough or weathered at the edges that make it look more elegant. Earthy frames suit well with nature photography or landscapes and even a collage.

At E Picture Framing choose your favorite frame from a selection of 22 frames ranging from different colors like cherry, gold, silver that fits your decor.

4. Metallic Polished Frames

Light colored palettes are coated with silver or gold makes it look elegant and may suit any formal decor style. A joint family photo or a graduate degree may suit well in such frames. Add contrast to your house with these artsy and extravagant frames.

If you are running short of time and still want to gift something memorable to your significant one? We have a solution for that too. E Picture Framing facilitates with picture printing and framing online.

These premium quality frames are made from quality moldings that are reliable and durable. Frames available at E Picture Framing are pocket-friendly with frame size 5*7 to 32*40 ranging between $54 -$134.

Choose your frame at affordable prices!

Materials used for framing at E Picture Framing:

Foam Board - A 3/16’’ or 5 mm foam board is used as a backing material to give a steady platform for the artwork. It is acid-free and offers a sturdy and smooth surface.

High-quality photo paper - The pictures are printed with super detailed 11 color pigment-based ink printers for a professional finish. Along with this, a high-quality photo paper with a luster finish is used.

Plexiglass - The frames are made using 2.5 mm thick acrylic plastic which protects against harmful light. The acrylic is lightweight and renders a clear vision to the frame.

Dust cover - The back of the frames are covered with kraft paper that makes it dust free.

Hanging Hardware - Framed art orders under 18’’ will be mounted with a sawtooth hanger while frames over 18’’ will have a hanging wire.

Apart from this, the picture printing and framing online service also provides the facility of adding a mat to enhance artworks. A wide collection of seven mat boards that includes white core, buffered, acid-free available in different colors.

Choose double mats to get a professional look!

Gifting memories through frames

If you are short of ideas, we shall help you with a few ideas that can be framed and gifted to your dear ones. There is a list of ideas to gift frames for weddings, birthdays or even a home warming party.

1. Save tickets to frame

From now on, save tickets of a joint concert that you recently enjoyed with your fellow mates, a movie, trip, match anything that is worth remembering. Frame them to gift or simply hang it in your room.

2. Preserve Polaroid pictures

With the recent trend of polaroid pictures, make a collage of your recent trip or a farewell. Give moments that will never die!

If not, then prepare a medium-sized collage with all your nostalgic memories.

3. Framing book covers

These frames are ideal for your book worm friends. Framing your favorite comic covers, magazines or book covers can be browny points for you if you are trying to impress someone. For sports-loving friends, gift them a pictorial version of Lionel Messi or Ronaldo.

4. Cherishing your firsts

Reminiscing your first love letter or your child’s first poem/drawing made by her/him is such a beautiful feeling. Cherish them each day by framing those evergreen moments.

Give it as a present on their special days and achieve the tagline of ‘The best Dad or Husband’. Gifting memories can make the day more memorable and most importantly it will bring back lost memories and happiness to the individual.

5. Be creative

Try being creative by making sign boards for your room or a piece of art for your house or friends. If you don't want frames that opt for cupboards, ice cream sticks or such. A handmade gift touches the heart and soul.

Frame your wedding vows, birthday presents or friendly affairs and make it a forever memory for your loved ones. Get the best online photo printing & framing services with E Picture Framing. Picture printing and framing online makes it easy for you to select from a wide range of frames.

In case of any query, ask us!