The wedding is a big day for the bride and the groom and pretty much for everyone.

D-day feels so special and makes you believe that you will never forget the lovable details of your wedding but as years pass and you could hardly recollect what to share.

Photos, of course, make your wedding moments alive, irrespective of whether you have an extravagant wedding or a private affair.

Perhaps, photos are the best way to keep your memories alive. Right from the entry of the couple till the time they depart, photography is inevitable!

And losing your wedding album could be a nightmare!

So, we at E Picture Framing, a picture printing and framing online service, have brought to you some tips to enhance your special memories.

A wall of memories

There is nothing more satisfying than a section full of your favorite photographs, especially within a sequence of black and white images, that gives a nostalgic touch. This is your section where you can sit and cherish the memories and forget all your pains. It becomes a special place that takes you back to that extraordinary day.

Not only that,

A wall full of your favorite wedding photos is a great way to display your wedding photos while also makes an amazing statement in your home.

There are many creative ways to assemble a gallery wall. You can arrange them all at once in a sequence or decide a special theme or a choose a specific color palette to do so.

You can choose a simple approach by displaying just a few photographs or decide a large collage -it is up to you. Our photo printing and framing online services are prompt and present the exact frame you had aimed for.

So, start with small quirky frames or the large ones and design a wall full of your lovable wedding memories. A gallery wall would serve as a reminder of the love of you two.

Digital photographs

You can’t imagine the number of photographs you might get after your wedding. Probably, you would be bombarded with so many of them. Apparently, your friends and family would also be sending tons of them.

Now is the time to get creative with your wedding photographs.

It is wise if you keep a backup of photographs. You could also store them in drive or on the cloud. The best part of having digital photographs is that it allows you to upload, share them on social media. You can make a collage or an online video and share on your social media timeline.

When you share your photographs, you are able to live the day over and over again. Once you own your photographs, you could do almost anything with them. So, whenever you want to get it framed or are looking for gifting ideas, they become handy. At E Picture Framing, we offer picture printing and framing online and ensure that your product reaches your doorstep.

Thank them with a wedding album


A great way to thank your wedding guests is to send them a little thank you note after the wedding. What is a better way to do this than presenting them with a personalized photo album featuring a photo of your wedding day with them?

Because it is not the decorations or the beautiful wedding dress that make the day special. It’s the effort of the guests who came in and made the atmosphere special.

So, the best way to show that you appreciate their effort and thank each one of them in a special way is by giving them a small copy of the wedding album you create for yourself.

Compile the story of your life

You may want to store each and every memory since you first said yes!

Begin with your first meeting, candid pre-wedding photographs, your bridal entry, etc. Store them as a photo book and gift them on special occasions. Keep them beside your bed or in the living room.

So, start collecting photographs since the proposal and you would be surprised by how much you have collected. You can also include the practical part of your wedding details and the sentimental moments. We are sure on one thing that documenting your wedding would be fun.

Bonus tip – You can write personal messages and quote below the photographs and tie the photo book with love and happiness.

You can select some sections from this book and get them framed. If you are thinking of gifting it to your wife, place the frame next to the bedroom mirror or near the coffee table. This is just to ensure that this is the first thing she thinks of each day as she wakes up. However, choosing a few out of so many favorite images could be tough, but just imagine how cute the result would be.

The special person of your life deserves special attention and extra special gifts. Put some thought into the year, gather some photographs and decide on something meaningful today. Go ahead!

Combine the story with a song that matches your love story, if you are thinking of a video. Let there be each and every special moment you spent together, the silly things that you did together, the proposal moment, the makeup scenes, you two looking at each other, so on and so forth.

Include your friends also who were a part of your journey. This might be the best way to acknowledge them that you are genuinely thankful to them. It is easy and inexpensive to illustrate the wedding for the coming generation.

Framing your vows

Wedding vow frames are growing their popularity. Wedding vows are, however, the highlight of the wedding and an occasion in itself.

We see nowadays, couples choose to write their own vows. If it is so, it involves considerate thought and careful planning. After composing and getting your vows exchanged, the best way is to get them printed with a photo of you two taking the vows. So, why not make the farm a solid part of your home decor. If you are facing time constraints, consider taking the help of a picture printing and framing online services. Because it is obvious that you will need a beautiful print that could complement the unforgettable vows you exchanged.

However, it also qualifies as an adorable personalized gift that marks an anniversary. These gifts are much more than a frame. They are the best way to make your wedding day vows part of your daily married life.

Now is the time to be creative with your photography skills. Why not think of decorating the house in a new style with memories to cherish all around?

‘When there is love in the home, there is joy in the heart’

Creating a personalized poster

Some moments are meant to last, and weddings are one of them. You are tying the knot with your significant other in presence of your closed ones. There could be nothing more special than this.

Select a random image that is candid and no one is looking at the camera, enjoying themselves. A group shot framed into a poster could be also gifted to your parents and grandparents. Perhaps, they also want something that takes them back to the day. You can select a customized poster matted and framed for display at home. To get it done in the most beautiful and professional manner, reach out for our range of matting solutions available online.

At E Picture Framing, we offer picture printing and framing online, which will help you with your desired photograph in the right dimension, at your doorstep and exactly how you want.

So, these were some of the fun ways to use your wedding photos. And we could vouch for the fact that whichever way you select, you are surely going to feel good about it. So, choose to be creative with your wedding photographs before they turn old and rustic. We help you to create stunning photo frames. You can make your selection from our extensive collection of photo frames online. We have a great collection of photo frames in varying sizes and different color options. No matter, which frame you select, the result will be excellent, something you will want to look at for years to come.

May your wedding gets bigger and the wedding album thicker!

Contact us today for a wide range of frames for your wedding photographs!