Movie posters are not just advertisements for theaters. They have become popular items to collect and display among movie fans. From teens hanging posters on bedroom walls to posters adorning the walls of a home theater, the artwork is a great way to showcase your favorite movies from over the years.

When movie posters are sold in a store, they typically come as just the bare poster. Before you slap the poster up against the wall, consider the benefits of framing the artwork. There are numerous advantages to framed movie posters and each benefit will completely change the way you display the large posters.

1. UV Light Damage

Movie posters are typically printed on thinner paper. While the color quality and visuals may look as clear as a regular photograph, the thin nature of the material means the poster could wear down easier over time.

One of the main ways movie posters lose their color quality and visuals is with UV light damage. When posters get exposed to UV rays, which are present in fluorescent lights, the colors slowly start to fade, the white turns yellow, and the quality of the poster diminishes. Help prevent the exposure to UV rays with a protective frame.

A majority of movie poster frames use a Plexiglas finish which blocks out UV lights while still showcasing the clarity of the movie poster. With the UV protection, the poster will still look mint years down the line.

2. Wall Decor

Movie posters are often bold and colorful. For example, a sci-fi movie poster will look far different than a comedy movie poster, so multiple movies posts might not look very cohesive.

The use of matching frame styles will help the posters go together in a room. The frame color may also help match the decor in the room and create a visually appealing look that stands out from just hanging the posters directly on a wall.

3. Poster Protection

The thin style of movie posters often means the artwork gets damaged easily. The edges of posters may rip and corners may bend or wrinkle. Many times, people put tape directly on the back of a poster to hang the art up on the wall.

A frame offers the ultimate poster protection. The flat style of the poster allows the design to rest wrinkle and crease free. Protective foam placed behind the poster will help keep the design in place. Hanging hardware on the frame itself will keep the poster in mint condition.

If you ever decide to remove the poster from the frame to sell it or give it away, you will have the confidence knowing the poster remains protected and undamaged.

4. Poster Relocation

A movie poster may not stay up forever. If your teen takes the poster to college or you move houses, your posters hung up without any frames are more than likely going to have some damage when getting moved from wall to wall.

The tape alone could cause damage along with the transportation of the poster itself. When a poster is framed, you simply have to remove the poster from the wall and transport the art directly within the frame.

No matter if the relocation is from room to room or home to home, the process is easy and makes the display of the poster easy to carry out.

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