Has your teenager been insisting on having a room that suits his personality? Have you been on your toes trying to figure out what he will like and wondering if he will stick to his decision?

Well, we know teenagers’ can be extremely fickle minded. On the brighter side, they know exactly what they want a lot of times and the decision process just becomes that easy.

Buy custom frames online as the first step to calm your teenager down and then move on to bigger changes that need to be made.

Just in case you still doubt yourself we have gathered some unusual ideas for your teenager’s bedroom while keeping it modern and sleek.

1. The perfect amount of Darkness: To ensure that your teenager’s bedroom doesn’t look like a cave in spite of having functional windows maintain a balance between using the dark and light colors. If 3 of the walls have been painted with a dark color the 4th wall will have to be a light or white color. You could also decide to add texture on the 4th wall to give it an impressive look and feel.

2. Wall of Fame: One of the best ways to boost your son’s confidence is by adding a wall of fame in his room. It would be a great way to remind him of how cool he is. Also, displaying his achievements like that will encourage him to continue making progress in the fields he likes.

Trophies, medals, sports team jersey, certificates or even their works of art could be displayed on the wall.

3. Theme-based: Designing your son’s room based on what interests him the most could make him fall in love with it. On the downside, he might not want to leave his room anymore.

If your son is into sports then a wall could be dedicated to all his favorite teams and players.

Or if he’s into music then you could buy custom frames online to frame posters of his favorite band, singer or favorite musical instrument.

4. Coziness: Whether you accept it or not and whether you want it or not, teenagers will spend most of their time locked up in their rooms. Might as well give them the space to be cozy and comfortable. Add bean bags or age appropriate lounge chairs for him and his friends to hang out. Sometimes coziness also comes from the color scheme that is followed. Colors that have a cool undertone tend to be recognized as cozy colors.

5. Wood: Adding wood to the design of the room can elevate the whole look. Imagine having a wooden floor with a small carpet next to the bed and a nice rack full of your son’s favorite things. Works, right?

Now imagine adding small elements of wood on one wall to put it in focus, like maybe the wall behind the bed. Try adding the custom frames available online. They could portray anything that your son likes.

If he wants his room to look elegant and polished then wood is the best option.

6. Bold Colors: Sometimes kids tend to like the craziest and contrasting colors. Using these colors in the bedroom might seem like a bad idea right now. But when these bold colors are used in the correct proportion they brighten up the room and add life to it. Using an excessive amount of this bold color will ruin the look of the room and become extremely distracting.

Adding subtle splashes of color here and there could work in your favor by making the room look composed.

7. Storage: Your son will need ample of storage space. With him juggling multiple activities along with school, it is understandable that he has a lot of extra things and not just books.

There will always be space to store clothes but optimally storing the extra things becomes a big challenge. Making varied sizes of compartments in the cupboard will give you more storage space that is organized and will stay organized.

Another trick to increase the storage space is to divide it into multiple smaller units. Spread smaller cabinets across the room like using bedside tables or storage under the study table.

If at any point you feel that the storage space has increased so much so that that’s all you can see in the room then some areas could be hidden by using the various options of custom frames available online.

8. Personal Corner: Technically the entire room is his but having a small niche that has been especially personalized according to his taste and needs can be his escape from the hustle bustle of the world. You could let him decide how he wants to use this space.

Space, where he can store and adore his personal collection of books or action figures or mint edition cars etc. can act as a safe haven for him.

If your son is into gymming or even staying fit, his personal corner could store essential exercise equipment.

9. Use Pegboards: Simply hang a pegboard on the wall to add extra storage space. On the pegboard, you can attach hangers of different sizes depending on the use.

Similarly, small metal baskets could be attached that can be used to store smaller items or things that he might be using daily.

Or if he’s into building things he could use it to store and organize most of his tools. It will add an industrial feel to the look of the room.

They could also be used to hang multiple pieces of artwork in the vast range of custom frames online.

10. Multipurpose Furniture: If he doesn’t have a lot of space in his room to add every feature he finds attractive then the next best option is to use furniture that can be transformed according to his current requirement.

Lack of space should not mean a lack of functionality. Adding a small sitting area at a higher level with a delicate ladder could open up the floor space which can be utilized for other purposes.

A lot of beds nowadays come with inbuilt storage under them. This storage is easily accessible and is sufficient to store everyday things.

11. Lights: Incorporating interesting light sources into the design can change the entire impression of the bedroom. Focus lights, for example, are a great way to highlight one element of the room that he is crazy about.

If he has a headboard that adorns his bed installing led lights on it would make it look attractive and end up being useful for reading as well.

Something like a small chandelier that hangs in the middle of the room will accentuate the feel while entering. Hanging a bunch of Edison bulbs will add an industrial sort of charm to the room.

Different types of lighting will change the look of the room and can be adjusted according to his preference.

Buy custom frames online and use focus lights to give a richer look to the personalized image or words in it.

12. Study Desk:Amid all the ideas that we have shared the most vital idea has to be the study desk. He will need a desk with a generous amount of space to spread all his books and his laptop or desktop. Get him a chair that is comfortable enough to sit for long hours but not comfortable enough to fall asleep in.


With the desk, you could include a small blackboard wall that will help him keep a tab on his to do activities.

Add the custom frames you’ve bought online around the desk space to give the space its identity.

13. The Ceiling: Do not forget to paint the ceiling a light color. A light shade on the ceiling will make the walls look taller and ultimately make the room look bigger than it really is. Making a small room feel smaller is the worst way to design it.


Adding some kind of simple texture to it could make the ceiling interesting for your son. And if adding texture seems a bit too much you could opt for painting something that he follows by heart.

If his room has an existing cornice molding, then it could be painted a different color to add definition to the ceiling.

Now that you have a general idea of how to go about designing your teenager’s bedroom we hope your project is successful. Share these tips with your son today and start working on the designing.

Use this opportunity of redecorating your teenage son’s room to re-establish the bond you shared with him when he was younger. We hope he appreciates your efforts.

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